DUCATO MY2021 NAMED "BEST MOTORHOME BASE VEHICULE 2022" FOR THE 14TH TIME IN A ROW BY THE READERS OF "PROMOBIL" The Fiat Professional Ducato is the "Best Motorhome Base Vehicle 2022”, elected by the readers of Promobil – a specialized leader German motorhome magazine - for the 14th year in a row. The model continues to dominate the European market, the large majority of the motorhomes are based on the Ducato. Since 1981, the Ducato has been continuously produced at the Sevel plant, located in Val di Sangro. In about ten years, this vehicle has been selected by over 700,000 European families as a motorhome base, confirming its leadership in the sector. Ducato continues to satisfy and anticipate the needs of RV customers: Ducato MY 2021 includes appreciated new ADAS, new engines and new interiors, always starting from the previous consolidated strengths and reliability, all visible in a new virtual 3D Ducato showroom. LIRE LA SUITE DE L'ARTICLE : https://www.stoll-trucks.lu/actualites/ducato-my-2021-named-best-motorhome-base-2022